Christopher Harper is an associate professor at Temple University, where he is co-director of Philadelphia Neighborhoods, a publication of the Multimedia Urban Reporting Lab.


3 responses to “About

  1. Gene Smith

    You’re attack on the TIMES and Wikileaks on KYW is your opinion.
    You have no unique information to give you insight to what is going on.

    You’re quoted as saying “I think his motives are highly suspect”.
    Do you think before you speak? Your years interviewing and distilling stories for dissemination never gave you a clue how to speak “on the record”?

    You are teaching journalism at the college level and this “weasel worded” statement is all you can come up with?

    I’d fail your class. It would be like Tom Dowd returning to Columbia after the war…

    You should refund the money your students have paid for your classes.



    • Yes, it is my opinion. A lot of people tend to respect that opinion after they see I worked 23 years for the AP, Newsweek, ABC News and 20/20. Oh, I forgot the seven books I have edited and written in the past 15 years. I am sorry you are not one of those who think I have much to say.

  2. Pam Rothman

    I came across the latest issue of Temple’s Alumni News and spotted your name. Congrats on the book! Not sure if you still remember me, but I enjoyed your classes and wanted to shoot you a quick hello.
    Now can we please address the horrific grammatical error of the comment above? It’s the FIRST WORD!!!

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